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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let The Countdown Begin!

We had a phenomenal doctor appt yesterday! So incredible, in fact, that I can hardly contain my excitement! But first, I need to recap the last month and a half so you can appreciate the significance!

About 6 weeks ago, Rebekah's measurements were taken and she had gained almost a pound since the prior 3 weeks. This was great and we were excited! But the next measurements that came 3 weeks after that (about 3.5 weeks ago) were much different. She had only gained about 5 ounces, my amniotic fluid looked like it was dropping significantly, and we went through a short period of lost hope.

We have had 3 ultrasounds in between just to look at her vitals and see how my fluid levels were doing. Although the amniotic fluid came back up, vitals looked good, movement good, and we even saw her practice breathing each time, we still had no idea how yesterday's growth measurements would go. (They only do them about every 3 weeks since there is a 15% error rate and measuring week to week might give you an error versus an actual growth change.)

God is faithful and good! In the last three weeks, Rebekah has gained almost 2 pounds! She is now approximately 4 lb 14 oz! That is an incredible gain over the last few weeks! I have been doing a happy dance since then! So we have confirmed the 4/20 induction date for next Monday, and I wait for both the shortest and longest week of my life with nervous anticipation. I have released many of my fears and anxieties to God, and I am trying to enjoy this last week of pregnancy instead of freting over the many possibilities that the future holds.

I am so grateful for the many that are constantly lifting us up in prayer. I spent a lovely time last night praying with some new friends for Rebekah, I was blessed with prayer for our family and Rebekah during my MOPS meeting this morning, I am constantly receiving facebook messages and emails from those praying for us, and I have a great friend arranging for an hourly prayer group at the hospital on Monday during the induction and birth. WOW! It is such an awesome gift to be bathed in prayer and covered with love from my Christian sisters and brothers. Although I have cried much over the last 5 months of my life, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything and I have been thanking God that he has allowed me the privilege of being the mother of this very very special child. I pray daily that she will continue to touch lives, strengthen the faith of many, and help be a catalyst to lead the lost to Jesus.

So let the countdown begin, whatever is may bring!

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