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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy 1461 Days of Trisomy 18 Miracles!

Happy 4th birthday to our little miracle girl! In case you are checking your math, it's 1461 days because she lived through 1 leap year! ;-)

Exactly 4 years today, Rebekah Faith Budd was born into this world with Full Trisomy 18. She was never expected to make it to birth, let alone be here 4 glorious years! In fact, we actually had her funeral planned before she was even born. Then she went home on hospice as everyone waited for her to just die.  But, oh, how we like God's plan so much better than the one that we had!

A friend commented to me today that she remembers visiting us in the hospital when our sweet baby was born. She had to leave to get ready for her own daughter's princess birthday party. I told her, "I hope one day my little girl can have a princess party." And she told us that one day she will.  This memory brought tears to my eyes. And we did, her first birthday party was a princess party.

Words cannot explain how awesome it is to celebrate this miraculous 4th birthday... in fact, we've had 1461 miraculous days of  full trisomy 18 living!   God is good!

Here is a look back through time. How she has changed!
Rebekah's Birthday Day - March 21, 2009. She was 4 lb  6 oz.
From the beginning we were surrounded with other trisomy 18 miracles! Here are her local friends: Dawson and Kaylen.
Celebrating Rebekah's 1st birthday along with 3 other trisomy 18 friends! Dawson and Kaylen are in the front row and Natalie is in the back row. 
This is Rebekah around her 2nd birthday. How she loves her family!
Rebekah's 3rd birthday brought more joys.
Rebekah celebrated her 3rd birthday with several more trisomy friends! Here she is with her TFFs. Joey and Lily are about Rebekah's age, and Kaylen is about 12!


  1. Hi mam, i just read about your review on devilbiss. I'm myself using tracheostomy since last year. May i ask a question about your daugther mam? It's about teacheostomy actually.

    Thank you before :)