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Friday, March 1, 2013

Trisomy Awareness Shares

Let's make this month a successful one for raising Trisomy Awareness! Here are some photos to share and some information to pass along about trisomy.  Sharing a tidbit of information about trisomy from Hope for Trisomy's facebook page. Visit daily this month for more information about trisomy!
Today is the beginning of a very special month for us! Why you ask? It's the 3rd month of the year and so we celebrate MARCH as TRISOMY AWARENESS MONTH...with "tri" defined as, in intervals of 3. We will be bringing awareness to TRISOMY because awareness is the first step to education, and we will be educating by starting with the basics. When a child is born with a 3rd copy of a chromosome, then they have been born with a TRISOMY syndrome. When we are born, we all receive 23 chromosomes from each of our parents totaling 46 chromosomes. Your father's DNA decides what sex you will be on the 23rd chromosome he has given you. A TRISOMY syndrome can be made on any of the 23 chromosomes present in the body, which will then make the genetic makeup total 47 chromosomes. ♥
This is a facebook-sized banner made by a friend of mine who lost her T18 daughter. The footprints are her much-loved and much-missed Ellie Cushman. If you cannot resize this for facebook, pull the photo off of Rebekah's facebook banner:

Boy version of the banner.
Facebook Trisomy Awareness profile pic for girls
Facebook Trisomy Awareness profile pic for boys

Please feel free to share Rebekah's photo, story, and information below in support of Trisomy Awareness month!
March is Trisomy Awareness Month. Trisomy is a genetic condition in which there is an extra chromosome in every cell. Down syndrome is trisomy 21. Many rare trisomies are deemed "incompatible" such as Rebekah's Trisomy 18. However, she is showing that she is, indeed, compatible with life. Many trisomy children are aborted or denied life-saving medical interventions. Even with Down Syndrome the abortion rate is >90%. We want people to know that these children are loved and deserve a chance, because every life has value!

Rebekah's Blog:
Rebekah's Facebook Page:
Hope for Trisomy:
HFT on Facebook:

Do you have a trisomy story to share? Post it to Hope for Trisomy and we will add it to our facebook Tri-kids and blog!

Rebekah's Blog:'s Facebook Page: for Trisomy: on Facebook:
Do you have a trisomy story to share? Post it to Hope for Trisomy and we will add it to our facebook Tri-kids and blog!
Feel free to replace you facebook photo with this one in honor of Trisomy Awareness Month!
Let the world know that what the medical community calls "incompatible" and "futile" is met with a different definition by those who love and care for their trisomy miracles.  Please feel free to share!  A larger version is available at Hope for Trisomy's facebook page photos, along with word art for Conventional Thinking and Balanced Approach.
The following 4 posters were designed and offered freely by Eva's Gifts. You can visit her page to order them already made or to download a higher res copy. There is one for Joy, Life, Love and Hope - all featuring different trisomy children and one word their family chose to describe each one. Truly a beautiful project! If you visit her page, there is also a link to a picbadge awareness ribbon and some other banners.

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