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Sunday, April 29, 2012

TAG-Teaming the SOFT Stroll for Hope

SOFT (Support Organization For Trisomy 18, 13, and Related Disorders) is a volunteer organization that offers support for parents who have had or are expecting a child with a chromosome disorder (especially Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 13), and education to families and professionals interested in the care of these children.  Every year they hold an annual SOFT Conference which provides an opportunity for grieving families to celebrate the lives of their children and learn skills to help them in their grief. It also offers an opportunity for families of living children to come together and spend time with families who understand their daily struggles, medical concerns and stresses, and the joys found in having a trisomy child. Most importantly, it offers opportunities for doctors to get hands-on experience with trisomy children through a medical clinic offered to all trisomy attendees, and provides important up-to-date education opportunities to families and medical professionals alike.

I am excited and honored because I will be representing the Trisomy Advocacy Group (TAG) at a conference session, along with several other TAG Board members. Our session is entitled "How to Advocate for your Trisomy Child".

All of the TAG Board Members attending the SOFT Conference will also be involved in a conference Stroll for Hope event that is designed to raise funds for SOFT. Some of the money goes to future conference costs, and some of the money goes to SOFT's general funds for operating costs.  I fully support SOFT and can attest to the positive impact it can have on families no matter where they are in this journey. Please consider supporting TAG's efforts to help SOFT by donating towards our TAG Team's SOFT Stroll for Hope fundraising efforts!

Here are some photos from the SOFT Stroll for Hope event in Chicago, IL in 2011. This is our Budd Zoo Team! But this year, we will have a TAG Team instead!
The Budd Zoo Team posing in our 2011 Stroll for Hope position.
Here is the back of our team Budd Zoo t-shirts. The design was created by our son, Elijah. We then used  ink jet t-shirt transfers to put them on matching t-shirts.
Go Team Budd Zoo! Notice how Elijah is holding Rebekah's hand. :-)

PLEASE DONATE to our TAG Team SOFT Stroll for Hope here:

Find out more about SOFT's Annual Conference, to be held in July at St. Louis, MS this year:

To learn more about SOFT, please visit -
facebook support group page:

To learn more about Trisomy Advocacy Group (TAG), please visit - 
facebook organization page:
facebook support group page:

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