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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rebekah and Caleb

Here are a few more photos from our 'wedding' between Caleb and Rebekah taken by Ocala Star Banner journalist, Jacqui Janetzko. Thank you, Jacqui, for these beautiful memories!!


My friend, Jeannette (Caleb's Mom), is really blessed because their local newspaper is following Caleb's life story. They have followed his birthdays and major events, and will be posting monthly articles on life with a special needs child. In addition, the Adamyk's have been asked on several occassions to give a presentation at the local university to med students on trisomy 18. What an awesome way to educated these students so that they will hopefully manage their future trisomy patients on a case-by-case basis, and not under the assumption that all children with trisomy 18/13 are incompatible with life!

I am so proud of Jeannette and so happy for the positive impact Caleb is able to make on others! And I am so glad that her local media is sharing Caleb's story!  I wish our local newspaper or news stations would find a message of hope like this as something newsworthy...

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