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Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Risen Indeed!

As this Easter weekend comes to an end, I reflect on the awesome power of the cross and our resurrected Savior, and how that event changed the course of world history! The difference between Christianity and all the other religions out there is that OUR Savior IS resurrected (and theirs is not)! It is far more than a story, or it wouldn't have affected history as it did. It is far more than a story, or I wouldn't be the person I am today! I wouldn't feel compelled to change, grow, love... and I wouldn't have the strength or courage to endure...

In my own life, 4/21 marks another type of death and resurrection in my life. I was already a born-again believer but this experience has challenged me beyond my head knowledge of Christianity and faith and made me step out where I never would've asked to go. My daughter, Rebekah, was born with full trisomy 18 on 4/21/09 and was not expected to live. But she DID live. And I have been connected to countless others who are on this same journey, and some have had to already suffer the death of their child. In either situation, I have seen time after time the power of prayer and the strength and grace supplied to face this path. The experience has changed my outlook on life. My faith has increased tremendously along with my burden to share Christ with others. He has allowed me to find joy and peace in the midst of suffering, and unleashed a strength in me I never knew I had. Well, that's because it ISN'T my strength, it's from my Lord and Savior, and that is my point. It is so much MORE than a story! And this one point is only one of MANY things I could list as my personal eyewitness testimony to the power of the cross.

So He is Risen, indeed! How gracious and loving our God is and how amazing his grace!

And if this just sounds crazy and you don't have your own 'story' to tell, He is waiting for you to simply reach out and accept His simple and perfect gift of salvation. Then you, too, can realize the power of the cross and a resurrected Savior!

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