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Friday, May 29, 2009

Days 17-20: ER Trip and Mother's Day

These are my facebook status messages and some comments/pictures here or there covering the period of Day 17 – 20 (5/7/09 – 5/10/09): Rebekah’s first ‘emergency room’ visit and her baby dedication. I want to chronicle our journey here on blogspot so that future followers of Rebekah’s journey here on earth can experience the roller coaster ride we are on. We thank God for every day of her life.

5/7/09 - DAY 17

Rebekah - 17 days old - I am so loving all the pink in our house!

5/8/09 - DAY 18

Susan & Isaiah at Isaiah's preschool (Calvary Baptist) for a Mother's Day program.
I am really struggling with the depth of Rebekah's care versus caring for our other 4 wonderful children. There is guilt in how much time Rebekah is needing from Michael and me and how that takes away from the rest of our family time. This is a guilt that any person going through this experience is going to feel. I thank God that I am blessed with a wonderful support system. I have several nursing friends and one of them was able to come to my house to watch Rebekah so that my mom and I could enjoy Isaiah's preschool program.

5/8 5:10 pm - Rebekah was 4lb 8.5 oz this morning, another couple ounces up since her Wed doctor appt! And she is on her 5th day of no N/G tubes! I mentioned yesterday both the geneticist and pediatrician were very surprised at her great appearance and progress. But despite doing well on all other fronts, her oxygen saturation levels and bradycardia (low heart rate) attacks today have been numerous and scary. We started Zantac to see if it is reflux related - a common 'preemie' problem that causes similar behavior. Please pray that this is a simple fix for a complex problem because I am currently afraid to leave her side. She has had a least 5 dusky spells in the past 5-6 hours. Glorious God, how I celebrate the fact that my eyes have never seen, my ears have never heard, and my mind has never conceived what You have prepared for me and all others who truly love You. Help me to also understand that this awesome plan is revealed to me by Your Spirit. 1 Cor 2:9

5/8 7:05 pm - OK Need prayers now. Doctor recommends taking her to the hospital. We'll be leaving for GHS shortly and need to make some decisions on the way there. They will probably want to admit her. Her oxygen is dropping very erratically, but something is different because she is not having the heart deceleration and decreased breaths per minute at the same time.

5/8 10:13 pm - Rebekah is at the hospital. They have done some blood work and other tests and are waiting for results. She is on oxygen and her oxygen levels and breathing/pulse still fluctuate. She also cried a lot so is exhausted which makes the apnea worse. She will be kept overnight for observation and we will be staying with her. We appreciate everyone's continued prayers.

5/8 11:23 pm – Post from my friend Michelle who came to the hospital for support: I just left the hospital. They have admitted Rebekah for the night to observe her. She had a bad day today with several episodes where her O2 levels dropped VERY low and it was difficult to get her to come out of them. She is currently doing very well, but her O2 is being administered at a level that is more than twice what she has normally. The plan is to wean her down overnight and monitor her to see if she has any more episodes.Please pray for Michael and Susan...they look exhausted...and will likely not get much sleep tonight as they are both staying at the hospital.

GHS ER being hooked to the monitors and IV

5/9/09 - DAY 19

Day 19 - Spent night in hospital's children's floor. Thank goodness we didn't get transfered to PICU! Rebekah getting her EKG. She must've had at least 20 stickers/wires stuck to her poor skin. I think she looks like a little squid.

Get these things off my arm, now! I want to go home!

5/9 3:56 pm - Still at Greenville Memorial Children’s Hospital. Hoping to come home tonight and still make it to the baby dedication. Rebekah has been through a plethora of tests, is on oxygen, and we started with caffeine citrate to help increase heart and breath rates. Waiting for results of EKG and other tests. She seems to be back to having her 'normal' fits of apnea that are easier to get her out of. No more major episodes.

5/9 8:06 pm - We're home! The doctors felt comfortable enough sending us home with Rebekah. She seems to be done with her strange spell and is back to her 'normal' behavior. It will take a few days to get the results from all the tests and to see if the medication helps. Thank you for all of your prayers! God is good, and it is still miraculous that this is the only thing right now that we are having to deal with! Even through all the pokes, prods, needles, probes, strange people, etc, Rebekah still continued to eat like a champ and stay tube-free!

And we WILL be at the baby dedication for the 8:45am service!

5/10/09 - DAY 20

Day 20 - Dressed in her pretty hand-smocked dress for Baby Dedication day!

5/10 7:41 am - Happy Mother's Day to all my friends and family! Today is a great day!

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