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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Idaho Senate panel passes 20 week abortion ban

WARNING, WARNING - This is a controversial topic about a very deep and painful subject. I will not compromise or debate my beliefs.  (i.e. please no blasting me on this topic with your disagreements - simply stop right here.)

Why this was on an msn money link, I'm not sure, but you can access the link for the complete article here.  Basically the Idaho senate decided it was cruel and painful to the baby to perform an abortion after 20 weeks. The abortionist doctor, of course, countered. He used the argument below.
Dr. Glenn Weyhrich, a Boise medical doctor who performs abortion services, said an absolute ban on such procedures after 20 weeks could force a woman to deliver a baby she knows is destined to die, causing deep psychological trauma and suffering, he said.
"In my experience, I've have not had any experience with women who opted to carry the pregnancy (with a fetal anomaly) to term," Weyhrich said. "The way this bill is written, the woman would be obligated to carry those pregnancies to term."
I am prolife, and I don't apologize for my beliefs. I don't think it's okay (on one hand) for a mother to abort her baby, but (on the other hand) if someone else kills her unborn baby, its manslaughter.  I think it is insane to think it is humane to do late term abortions (as the article points out too that pain receptors are well in place by 20 weeks, and the procedure of sucking out the brains is quite gruesome). I don't condemn anyone who has made any abortion decision, it is one I am glad I will never have to make.  We must each live with our own choices in life.

I DO believe that the choice to abort is not an easy one that women walk away from unharmed. I think it is as, if not more, emotionally devastating as the possibility of bearing a terminal child and planning the funeral before you even get to see the sweet face of your baby. The abortion decision can elicit all kinds of self-inflicted emotional pain and goes against the grain of what we were created to do.

God tells us that we are made in His image, created according to His plan, and made for a specific purpose. EVEN if it is a 'terminal' child, or a child conceived out of hatred and pain, or just an unwanted nuisance.
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10 
I think I can speak for the majority of my trisomy friends (including those that lost their baby at or shortly after birth) that the psychological trauma and suffering were not reasons to abort. Yes, it hurts, it's 'not fair', we don't understand 'why me', and the pain doesn't go away. But there is also an unexplainable joy in bringing any child of God into the world, even if having to bid him/her farewell too soon.

That this doctor has NEVER had an experience with a woman who opted to carry a child 'incompatible with life' to term is...just very sad.  I am sad for him and for all the women that believe that lie.  I am also sad for all the people that buy into the lie that a condition can be deemed so 'incompatible with life' that abortion is the only logical answer. 

I praise God that we did not make such a decision for Rebekah. I praise God for all of the wonderful trisomy babies I have met in the last two years and for the parents that also did not make an abortion decision. I thank God for the incredible friendships that have resulted from my personal journey. 

Several moms have shared that they chose abortion based on false information that there was no hope for their child. And now, they see all of these children thriving and bringing joy to their families, and they have deep regret and sorrow.  And they wonder, 'what if...' For all of you, please know that there is a release from that bondage!

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." I John 1:9 

May God bless all of those who speak up and fight for those who cannot speak or fight for themselves.

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  1. *applause* When I was pregnant with Emily and Meghan and they told us Emily would die and did not know about Meghan, they suggested abortion. They also suggested it because it was a very difficult pregnancy and took quite a toll on me physically. I absolutely refused to do it! I prayed fervently to God and while while Emily did die shortly after birth, it was such a gift to look into her sweet face and tell her how much she was/is loved. When she passed, she was in the loving arms of her earthly father until she was in the loving arms of her heavenly Father. If she had to go, that was the best way to go, surrounded by love. As you well know, Meghan was touch and go for several years, but anyone who knows Meghan now, sees a vibrant, smart loving child! God is good all the time!