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Monday, October 25, 2010

Putting On My Battle Gear

Rebekah has been sick for well over 11 days now. We went to the pediatrician's office two Saturdays ago to get her checked out. She had upper respiratory illness (URI) symptoms like slightly discolored and thickened mucous, deep cough needed to work the mucous out of her lungs, low grade fever. In the past, we would test for all kinds of URI things (RSV, chest x-ray for pneumonia, MRSA, etc) with negative results and all of her symptoms led to, believe it or not, a urinary tract infection (UTI)!

So she sees this new doctor that Saturday who actually listens to me, but in the process does nothing but cath her to check for a UTI. The results after a 48 hour culture were still negative. So all week we have done nothing but 'manage' it at home with breathing treatments, lots of suctioning, and some extra love.
Smiling for the camera despite not feeling 100%!
Then, last week on Thursday night, she threw up and aspirated (it went right into her trach opening and scared me to death!). Called the doctor Friday morning to request a 'preventative antibiotic', since her risk of pneumonia due to aspiration is high. They said no to the antibiotic.  In treating her like a 'normal' child, they will not prescribe antibito  Good news is, she hasn't gotten worse. Bad news, she's not better either.

Why do I feel that going to any doctor appointment with her is like pulling out the battle gear and putting it on? It feels heavy and oppressive! I am the mom, why do I let these doctors intimidate me and not speak my mind? Why do I accept their answers even though I am questioning inside?  It's kind of funny because I want them to see her / treat her as a 'normal' child...but when she is sick, I want them to remember she is fragile and needs special consideration. Why can't I have it both ways? 

Such is life with our little Rebekah!  Guess it would be too boring any other way...

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