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Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

I swore I would never be a blogger. I don't have the time to write down my thoughts or read other people's thoughts. But life changes, and I have so much on my brain. I need a release. And thus, I am stepping into the world of blogging. It doesn't matter much if anyone reads this but me. I just feel a need to get my words out, in the hopes that I can sleep at night. And if you need to sleep, maybe they will help you. :-)

Why Unhinged and Unfeigned? Well, quite frankly, I couldn't think of anything catchy, cool, or unused. I might change it if I come up with something better. But right now, it is an 'un-' kind of life.


Definition: demented
Synonyms: bananas, batty*, berserk, bonkers*, confused, crazed, crazy*, deranged, disturbed, insane, loopy, lunatic, mad, maniac, manic, mental*, out of one’s mind, out to lunch, touched*, unbalanced

Definition: Genuine, Devoid of any hypocrisy or pretense.
Synonyms: heartfelt, hearty, honest, natural, real, sincere, true, unaffected, unmannered

So I am hoping this blog will be an honest look at the crazed life of the Budd Family (or more accurately, me).


  1. Yaaaa!!! I knew you would be suckered into this new land! HAve fun!

  2. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, yes yet another reason for me to be on the computer ha!