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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Deliberation to the Extreme!

I deliberate too much on everything! It's become quite a problem for me. It's almost as if my analyst skills have gone amuck - I cannot make a decision on anything without weighing all the options to the 100th degree. And this is paralyzing at times! And I'm not really sure when this neurotic behavior begun!

I also think this behavior is why I've come to abhor shopping so much. I won't do it! Too many chances to make a wrong choice, pay too much, get something that won't meet my expectations and requires a return trip to the store...

An example of deliberation to the extreme: I have approximately a little less than $300 to go buy myself a new and much needed camera. I don't have time to wait for funds for the 'ultimate' and 'best' one out there, so basically I need to find the best one <$300 to meet my immediate needs since my camera has not been working well for months now. Features I'd like - decent enough video for a little camera, low next-shot delay, some zoom capability, preferably an optical viewer included for those sunny days you can't see the screen, and most important, decent picture taking! Its amazing that you can buy 10 megapixel cameras that have lousy ratings for image quality!

I've been thinking about this decision for over a month now. I've looked at epinions, consumer reports, various online sources... there are too many choices! I need to put a stake in the ground and get something soon so I can start taking some decent pictures to add to my blog. So my husband, thinking he'd be helpful, bought me a camera for Christmas. I didn't even get to review it first. It went right back to the store without opening the box. How sad is that? So its not even as easy as letting someone ELSE make the decision.

So why is this such a hard decision to make?! What would your choice/recommendation be on any of the following (and, of course, there are many choices within each style)?
  • Canon PowerShot
  • Casio Exilim
  • Sony Cyber-shot
  • Pentax Optio
  • Fujifilm Finepix
  • Kodak EasyShare
  • Nikon Coolpix
  • Panosonic Lumix
  • Reader Choice - what is your choice?!

Please help me put this issue to rest and focus on the next important decision...
What am I going to serve for dinner?!


  1. I left ya a link on the FB page I was in your position last month before I got my Canon powershot sx10IS good luck deciding I <3 mine!

  2. I'd probably go with the Nikon Coolpix. It has a fairly fast response time and a large LCD. The picture quality as good as you can find.