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Friday, January 11, 2013



by Michael Budd
(Written in honor of Rebekah Faith Budd- Full Trisomy 18 / Edwards Syndrome)

You play with toys, smile, laugh, and giggle;
You flap your arms, click your tongue, and wiggle.

You yell for joy, boredom, or disdain -
You want attention or to explain.

To a stranger it is unrecognizable noise;
To us it is cause to rejoice with the boys!

There is adoration in your eyes when you touch my face
And it shows me unconditional love and grace.

You roll, stand, and even, occasionally, we share a dance
Once this was only a dream and not even a chance.

You are designed as God wanted you to be -
Created in His image for all the world to see

That life is more about who you are
Than to what height you reach or what bar.

You are my amazing and precious little princess.
I cherish every moment we share and every success.

Some may treat you with rejection;
But we praise God for your perfection!

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