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Monday, October 17, 2011

Disabled Children Have So Much To Teach Us

The irony of pro-life/pro-choice in politics ends up in this generalization -
  • The Republicans are predominantly pro-life, but do support death penalty and don't support the programs that would be necessary to help those born with conditions requiring long-term care (in other words - people that won't be productive tax-paying citizens). So let's save all the pre-term and unwanted babies, but do nothing to help them...
  • The democrats are pro-abortion (yeah, yeah you can say pro-choice if you want to), but don't support death penalty and do support programs that help those born with conditions requiring long-term care and even support programs for a percentage of people out there that just don't want to be 'productive members of society'.
So one keeps babies alive but doesn't support a lot of funding for helping them, one supports killing babies, but entitles everyone to services.  Yes, this is a generalization! I obviously don't think it's quite so black and white, but I find it ironic none the less!
There is one republican politian (Rick Santorum) who 'gets' the value of all lives. The Santorums have dealt with infant loss of their son Gabriel (Letters to Gabriel) and currently have a 3 year old trisomy 18 girl named Bella. 

Here is a recent article on Santorum:  Disabled Children Have So Much To Teach Us
At first, Santorum was emotionally detached from his disabled daughter but, when she faced her own battle for life, he suddenly realized, “This child…can do nothing but love me.”
Santorum observed, “That’s me with the (Heavenly) Father—I am so profoundly disabled in His eyes.”
The picture of Senator Santorum posing with Chloe Kondrich (a Down's Syndrome child - trisomy 21) says more than words ever could. His broad grin shows that he has come to realize the worth of every human life, no matter what challenges that life may face. (from Disabled Children Have So Much To Teach Us)
I am so grateful for experiencing the joy of having Rebekah. And, although I may not agree with all of his politics, I do believe that he would compassionately protect rights and services for children like Rebekah (even though she will most likely never be a productive member of society). I think he will be compassionate toward all people, because he has come to realize what all of us with special needs children realize...that each life is valuable. And he is so right in observing that, in God's eyes, we are all profoundly disabled.


  1. FYI...Rick's daughter is named Bella (Isabella). We are grateful to Rick as he helped save our Faith's live through his advice. God put him in my path when he was at our radio station while we were in the hospital with Faith.

  2. Oops! Thanks, I knew that! I got confused because he posed with a child named Chloe (who is not Bella, lol). I got to meet him at the SOFT conference this past summer.