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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where Miracles Happen

While Rebekah was in the hospital for a month in June, we got to participate in a special being filmed about our local Greenville Children's Hospital. The WYFF 4 one hour special is called 'Where Miracles Happen'. It is now posted on the news station's website in seven parts, Rebekah is in Part 6. Be sure to check out her starring role: Where Miracles Happen: Part VI - Video - WYFF Greenville! We will be selling foot print autographs for anyone interested! ;-)
Here are some other pictures from that day as each of the dogs visited Rebekah. She was so funny because she wouldn't pet any of them with her hands, but she was most definitely petting them with her feet! As each dog visited, she got more bold with her foot moves.  I love my sweet little girl...
Rebekah is thinking about reaching out with her left hand.
She is very defensive of her hands and doesn't like to use them a lot.

She decided to switch to other body parts because she didn't want to stretch out those arms. Here she is deliberately useing her knee to pet a dog.

Because Rebekah was obviously trying to use her feet over her hands to interact with the dogs, I removed her shoes and socks so she could get direct contact.  Now she is really getting into it and extending her foot out the whole way!

Here's Boomer from the video link. Rebekah was rubbing him with her foot.

This dog was so funny. He came in and licked her face.
She thought it was so funny she decided to stick her foot in the dog's mouth for a lick.

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