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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grins & Giggles

Three weeks ago, our SC Community Long Term Waiver was finally approved for 30 hours of nursing care per week! Life is finally getting back to a more 'normal' basis AND I now have another person here devoted to nothing but Rebekah's care and well-being! Her nurse, Becky, has been a godsend, and she is doing a fantastic job of working with Rebekah on all of her therapies. Rebekah is getting so much more one-on-one help and has progressed so much in just the last three weeks!

Just one of the areas Rebekah has really blossomed in is her response to things. Before, we had to work super hard to get even a little smile out of her. She is now grinning and giggling at people, things, her brothers getting yelled at (no kidding - she smiles everytime they get in trouble!), she will follow us with her gaze, smile at someone who unexpectedly walks by, and let us know when something tickles her fancy. She is such a happy little baby now, it can't help but make your heart sing praises when you see her!

Here is a video of her. Remember, because of her trach, you cannot hear her. But if you could, I KNOW you would hear laughter!

We are so blessed to be able to experience this! Everyone in our house is now full of grins & giggles too. :-)

Please take a moment on youtube to rate the video and leave a comment so that others traveling this road will find Rebekah's video on a search and will have some positive things to find when looking for trisomy 18 or t-18 resources. (You can get to the youtube video by selecting the blog title - Grins & Giggles.)


  1. This video brought tears to my eyes... so sweet. It made my heart hurt. I miss babies....

  2. What do yo mean we cannot hear her??? I heard her LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!
    Love you Princess... you are beautiful and your "laughter" fills my heart with hope!