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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Little Time For Pampering...and Embarrassment

I FINALLY got the opportunity to use a 40th birthday present (from last October!!) from a great friend of mine. She got me a deluxe manicure and pedicure. Saturday of Labor Day weekend was the first time I truly have had a large enough block of free time (since Oct 08!!) to go and enjoy some pampering, sans kids and hubby.

I upgraded to the french mani & pedi, and decided to throw in a brow wax.

Embarrassing Moment #1 -
I got my eye brows waxed by a cute, thin, young Asian lady. Upon finishing my eyebrows, she said, "You want your lip done too?" Well, my hair is fairly light, so I have never had the area above my upper lip waxed. So I said no. She looked at me and in a very matter-of-fact voice stated, "You need it done."
Ouch! Guess along with being 40 is the realization that I now need my 'mustache' waxed!

Embarrassing Moment #2 -
Saturday night, we went over to a friend's house to hang out around their fire pit on such a great evening. Soon, we were passing the box of mosquito wipes around... you know, the kind that come in a container similar to Clorox wipes or hand wipes. So I pull one out and accidentally pulled a second one almost the whole way out. I decided to shove it back down the little hole. At this point, I shoved a little hard and my beautifully manicured finger goes down past the 'teeth' of the container to hold it there in an uncomfortable lock. I felt like I had put my fingers in one of those Chinese 'finger cuffs' and was feeling pretty stupid. I tried to unobtrusively pull it out, but the painful grimace on my face said it all. So I had to confess my stupidity, and had a ruined french manicure and red hurting finger to show for it.

Of course, it didn't take much longer for at least half my nails to look just as bad. The process of washing your hands 50 times per day, cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, scrubbing toilets, doing laundry... just reminds me of why I haven't had my nails painted in over a year to begin with.

French Manicure?! Well, what's left of it.

The pedicure is still looking good. But Jeremiah thinks I now need to cut my toenails because they are too long. LOL!

My toenails have survived being painted.

Michael helping the boys roast marshmallows.

Chris and Payton

"Mini-Me" Elijah, who can't go anywhere without his laptop. He is so like his Mommy...

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  1. I love this story. Just why I don't bother with the painting. There is a wonderful family in our new school who have five children and they all have lovely read hair. They remind me of you guys and I liked them instantly :-)