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Friday, May 15, 2009

God's Gift

My Aunt Margie's friend wrote this poem for us.

I felt this inside me and had to put down in words hope Susan and her family like it.


One day a special spirit, that lived with Heavenly Father;
asked if she might go and have an earthly mom and father,
the Lord said "oh, my little one, it's hard to let you go;
but I know of a special set, who'll want and love you so."

"but since you are so special, you'll have to promise this;
that you'll return back home to me, when you feel My angels kiss,"
"I know your earthly mom and dad will hate to see you go;
but they will know I love you, and My love for them will grow.

"I don't know when I'll call for you, but I know that you'll be loved;
but if you get to missing Me, just look for Me above,
I'll always be there with you, from the time you leave My side;
remember that I love you, in your heart I will abide."

"So off you go my little one, you're family waits for you;
and show them how I love them, and that my love is true,"
so on her way she ventured, to meet her mom and dad;
and they knew in an instant, the blessing that they had.

They knew that she was special, and felt their Fathers love;
and thanked Him for this blessing that He sent from up above,
they understand His feelings and knows He'll miss her so;
they know how very difficult it was to let her go.

Now our dear Rebekah, has an earthly mom and dad;
she has brought His message, and so their hearts are glad,
they know their Father loves them, and chose them for this task;
to love our dear Rebekah, there's nothing else He'll ask.

written by: Evelyn Gilmartin
May 8, 2009

Thank you, Evelyn, for your sweet poem and thoughtfulness. Yes, indeed, Rebekah is a gift to us and to many others. She is a reminder of the sanctity of life and that God blesses us, even in the midst of unpleasant circumstances.


  1. Happy One Month Birthday, Rebekah. Your mommy wrote me and I just saw the comment on my daughter, Annabel's blog. Susan, I wanted to share with you that we are just discovering that Annabel is needing c-pap and now moved to Bi-pap all since April 1st.
    My friends daughter is 2 years old and she has apnea since birth, she has T13. They use caffine and she is a huge advocate of this. I want to give you her blog address and email: this is her blog this is her email. she is also a nurse with a wealth of information.
    This apnea is fairly new and I am still struggling to understand how much it affects Annabel.
    Connie is the mom and Mallorie is her daughter.

  2. I was just visiting again to see how Ms. Rebekah was doing???